Universal Wheeled Bin Security Locking Clamp

Universal Wheel Security Locking Clamps are similar in purpose to any other security bin locking system other than they are more discrete and cost effective. These anchor locks are designed to keep your bins securely in place without interfering with the correct use of the bin. The bins are easily released by a single key which the operator would keep (there is an extended key available so the operator does not have to bend to unlock). They are ideal for bins situated by roads where safety hazards can be an issue with run-away bins and they will also deter thieves or general misplacement of the bins. The clamps are ground bolted and we offer a full installation package if required.

  • Fabricated from mild steel
  • Aesthetic and highly cost effective
  • Completely universal it can secure all types of wheeled bin including wheelie bins
  • Quick release key mechanism with extended key available
  • Ensures safety and security
  • Choice of colours available