Universal Wheel-Base Fixing Towbar

Associated documents: 2047058152_Accessories.pdf

A universal towing kit for use with any 4-wheeled bin. The advantage of these towbars is that any combination of bins can be towed together. The tow kit can be removed, adjusted and re-fitted to any other container for towing in the same manner. Wheel-base fixing tow kits are also suitable for use with clinical bins as the body of the bin does not have to be drilled to fit them. Towbars are a valuable logistical tool, saving much time when moving bins around sites. They are ideal for outdoor events, hospitals, exhibition complexes, airports etc.

  • Fabricated using mild steel
  • Compatible with bins from all known manufacturers
  • Can be adjusted to fit any bin up to 1300L
  • Any combination of bin size and type can be towed together
  • Strong and durable with integrated edge bumpers
  • Available in many colours