Stackable Wheel-Base Fixing Towbar

Associated documents: 1530532183_Accessories.pdf

This towing kit is a revelation. It is the first of its kind to allow bins to be stacked whilst the kit is fitted. Due to the intelligent design there are no protruding parts to catch the nesting bins and this mean no more damage to the shins and ankles of the operative either! The connecting bars are sold separately as these are the cleaver part of the system and we have learned that far fewer connecting bars are required than male and female receivers so this keeps the cost to a minimum. The towbars are also available in a backward compatible version so they can be used for older style towing kits supplied previously by many suppliers.   

  • Fabricated using mild steel
  • Compatible with bins from all known manufacturers
  • Stackable
  • Backwards-compatible connecting arm
  • No protruding parts preventing injury to ankles and shins
  • Available in many colours